Bangtan Academy

We are a bunch of ARMY dedicated to learning the Korean language 💜 and we’ve turned a discord server into a virtual school with 7 different ways to study!


▪ Hi! We are Bangtan Academy - a discord server built like a school for all levels of Korean! It’s free, there are 7 ways to study - classes, courses, clubs, challenges, and much more, so you can pick what works best for you.

▪ You do have to study though - we have monthly quotas you have to meet to stay. This means you have to post homework/assignments a certain amount of times a month to be able to stay in the server - it's about 5 hours worth of work a month. It's a free server, for active students only. It's a space where we can study together and support each other through our learning journey, so only try to join if you are ready to devote the time to learning Korean.

We mean it. You want to do it. We will push you to succeed but it is a PUSH - get that homework done!

▪ You don't have to pay anything to join us. You don't need to have Discord Nitro to join us. All classes and courses are free, except the ones that require you to buy a book.

▪ All ARMY and friends of ARMY are welcome, as long as you're respectful towards us and the guys! We have absolute beginners learning 한글 all the way to K-Armys learning English and everything in between. Do keep in mind this is an ARMY server though, so all of our extra activities are BTS related.

▪ We open once a month, releasing 300 seats total. We will always let you know when in advance. On a given day at a certain time listed on this carrd, we release a wave of invites to our BA Terminal server (where you apply to be a student) that way you can relax and know you are in line to apply. When you arrive, you fill out a short form which if accepted, gives you a ticket to the Academy.

We let students in 150 seats at a time, so you may or may not get a seat the day you apply - if not, don't be discouraged, you are still on your way to getting in.

▪ We are NOT a social server - you do have to study to stay. We do have times when we are social though - we talk about k-dramas, play games, discuss food, and watch concerts together. But as mentioned before, you won't be able to join and stay in the server just for that. You have to be an active student to enjoy those perks.

▪ Our server works entirely in English. All the rules and guidelines are in English, all our guided tours are in English (you may request a tour in another language if available), all our classes and clubs are in English (or Korean), using resources entirely written in English (or Korean). If you are not fluent in English (or Korean), please consider that before joining so you won't struggle in the future. It doesn't make sense to learn a new language in a language you're not comfortable with.

▪ We’re family friendly - no outside issues, no swearing, no bullying, no hate; we keep everything PG so the server is a safe haven for everyone in the world to escape outside drama and heavy issues and to have fun while learning K-Culture and Language.


▪ First of all: make a Discord account. You need a Discord account to be able to join us.

▪ Ways you can use Discord:
1) Mobile app - they have an app for both iOS and Android
2) Any web browser of your choice, on the address
3) Windows or MAC app - you can also download those on

▪ Once a month, we release a wave of links during a 5 minute period so an unlimited number of people can join our Application Server (no matter their speed connection) - this is the BA TERMINAL server.

From this server you will be given an application to fill out - if you fill it out correctly, you will be in line for when seats open up at the academy.

(Hint - put some thought and effort into a 3ish sentence reply to the why you want to study here question)

Each opening varies in time to give people around the world a decent hour. We post the time in CST/CDT on Twitter and on our carrd SCHEDULE when we have a date set.

What is CST? That's Central Standard Time. It covers cities like Chicago, Dallas, Mexico City and Winnipeg. The entire server works on CST. You can search any time converter on Google and adjust that schedule to your time zone.

▪ If you arrive during the 5 minute opening for the month, click our links and manage to see our welcome server, then you are in! Your next step is to apply. Read everything carefully.

▪ Each month we open 150 seats every 2nd and 4th weekend, by sending a 24 hour link to those in line to be accepted. We host tours for those 150 new students on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays. Please select a time to arrive - and make sure you take the tour asap so you can get started!

▪ If you click our links and get an error message, it means that the 5 minute window has closed. Please try again next time!

Please only try for a seat if you're serious about learning Korean with us. So many people join BA, then end up leaving the server after a day or 1 month (realizing that they don't actually have the time). When you do this, you're taking a spot from someone else who really wants to learn and only needs a little push.

If you just want to click the invite links to lurk our server, you won't be able to. We have a very high verification process that requires patience and time. You'll only have access to the entire server once you take a guided tour with our staff.


• You are in! YAY! The first thing you're going to see is a channel called #ANNOUNCEMENTS. You must read that channel carefully.

• From there you will choose if you are a beginner or intermediate/advanced learner - it's not for us (yet) we just know there are a lot of people coming in all at once and to save our bots from having a meltdown we divided the task of assigning roles to two of them (please ONLY choose one - both paths are identical and doing both will not help your chances, only clog the process)

• Please click the bot ONCE - with hundreds of people clicking, it will take a bit for it to give you the role - do not click it multiple times - its not broken but you might break it by doing that.

• Throughout all our welcome channels, it is necessary that you pay attention to what you're reading. You will be asked to do a few things, or to click a few emojis, so you need to carefully read what we ask you to do, so you're not lost and so that you understand the tasks you have to do.

• Again, all our welcome channels, rules and guidelines are in English, so you need to have a good understanding and reading comprehension in that language. We often get new members asking things that are already explained in length in our welcome channels, so take your time and read everything with care and patience.

• It's not a race - once you are in you are in if you rush the application process you may leave something out to give too short an answer - take your time - answer questions - you'll get in if you do it correctly.

• Once you are finished, simply wait. We check application manually so it takes some time.

• If selected, please plan to take a tour on your arrival weekend - you'll need to set aside 2 hours (for time before and after just in case) for your introduction.
• Tours are entirely in English; that's when our staff is going to explain how the server works, how to navigate Discord, how our classes, courses and clubs work, and everything else related to our server.

• And that's it! After tour, you will be able to access everything we have to offer and sign up for classes right away! Happy learning everyone 💜


Sept 1112pm CST300 seats
October 94pm CST300 seats
November 139pm CST300 seats
Decemberclosed/breakno seats